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Dale and Frank both get a GIANT SNICKERS bar! I agree with both of them....the picture was taken in hot weather. Look at the skylight windows, most of them are open and the transom windows over the cabin doors, a lot of them are also open. The silk mesh over the chandeliers leads me to believe, just as Dale said, an insect problem, but I believe they are there for protection from Mayflies. If that's the case then the month was probably mid-June thru the end of July. Can't you just see the Mayflies swarming towards those bright lights when the boat stops at a country landing at night.....if you've ever lived through swarming Mayflies, you know they'd never get that crystal glass clean again.
I checked the river stages for June and July for 1899, 1900, and 1901 and the CINCINNATI was running from the middle of June until about the end of July when low water forced a lay-up.
Now to pinpoint the exact year is not as easy. Like Frank I zeroed in on the lady sitting n the cabin. Her hat screams 1900 as does her shirtwaist blouse.
So from this I say this picture was taken late June or early July, 1900 or 1901. We'll never know for certain, but it's fun to guess.
By the way, if you're interested the fare for a round trip....Louisville to Cincy and return was all of 25 Cents!!!!! I'm sure meals and berth were extra.
So get a quarter and meet me before the 3PM departure time at the L&C wharfboat at the foot of 3rd St, we'll take a steamboat ride. As the newspaper said "the CINCINNATI has a good band and is very popular with the public".
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