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Woods Used In Steamboats.........................
I read an interview that Jim Howard gave a few years before his death in which the interviewer asked what kind of woods went into a steamboat. Jim said:
Hull....Oak, red & white
Under the boilers.....Cedar
(can't you just imagine how wonder that smelled all those fresh woods)
A boat builder had to be as much a lumber expert as a he was a steamboat expert. They had to know how to buy, store, saw, plane and mill wood. I often wondered how come in the pictures of the shipyard there was never any evidence of having to swell the hulls before launch nor pumping after the launch. In that same interview Capt. Jim said they were very careful about the moisture in the oak they planked the hull with. With just the right amount of moisture they didn't need to swell the hull. I believe that dictated to a great extent when the hull had to be launched and that's why you see boats in various states of completion when launched. They did as much as they could while the boat was on the ways before the hull planking got too dry.
But what do I know.
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