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*Those classic old piles of lumber*
Steamboating colleagues,
WOW! Jim, thanks for the photo posted above showing us "what it was really like then on those classic old piles of lumber." The open decks on those L&C LINE boats often looked like a tennis court. I agree about the low outer deck "barrier heights" and bad weather with dark, wind, rain, boat running with the 'shimmies' as she works along. Also think of cold with snow and ice. Judy correct that people possibly had more sense then. Today the Coasties would have a fit, passengers would be contacting lawyers galore.

Capt. Don may know/remember Albert Kelly on the DQ for years possibly [?] being one of the very last next to Charlie Dietz who told us their memories aboard boats like that.
Great photo! Are there more? Cheers!

R. Dale Flick
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