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*RE: 'Congressional caller ID/Keeping a record.*
Steamboating colleagues:
I concur with Jo Ann Schoen's above observations on 'Congressional contacts, keep a record etc.' This nothing new going back to the very first DQ exemption campaign Betty Blake instituted now more years ago than I care to remember. Back then NO computers, web sites, E=Mails with dependency on letters [Remember letters on paper in an envelope with a stamp dropped in those funny blue steel things on street corners?] or rotary dial phones. Seems things then got through just as fast or faster with a meaningful response. Jo Ann right RE" "caller ID" now with a congressional office intern or assistant scanning all first, deleting. My DQ letters of support on paper usually at the bottom show where I type Cc: with a listing of names I wrote to additionally so the recipient clearly sees all names concerned in the initiative. Idea and approach being that many seeing the listing of Cc: persons they know. But NEVER, NEVER use the same E=Mail or letter on paper exactly the same in appearance and text with the same names known to them on either side of he congressional aisle as recipients regard them as being merely "ground out" on a computer printer en mass. Today's computer technology allows recipients to quickly scan and delete at their will. And AGAIN avoid here or in other places making up a new "list of those we love to hate" as admittedly happened here and on other sites RE: the DQ.

Then, if you're persistent enough, some congressional reps will actually phone back to "Talk about this issue...get more in-depth information, romance and just as you know and see it," they say. And NEVER expect or demand any "promise or guarantee" from your contact taking care of the tone and tenor of your voice. Those re-contacting representatives again can be assured they have you again on caller ID or computer. I've had the offices of congressional reps stop asking me, "Now, Mr. Flick, I do believe we have heard from you previously on this matter haven't we?" In time letters, calls, E=Mails are tabulated and laid out printed or in stacks for count, appraisal and eventual vote--if we're lucky--by secretaries or staffs of fresh, rosy faced young 'interns' given the 'boiler room jobs.'
And you can FORGET it promptly corresponding, calling a congressional rep you are NOT a resident in their district. If outside their district they don't receive your vote and that's generally it--but there are a few exceptions. Betty Blake not only a whiz at marketing, public relations but also the political process with her own father in Kentucky politics who taught her the ropes from A to Z. No, there will never be another Betty Blake. And, as one wise witness to her wrote on here, "Most people would not have liked Betty Blake." My mumbled response was, "And Betty Blake didn't like most of us." She did learn to come to the river community for ideas, input, soundings in time when her back and that of the company was against the wall. This something most to all present day river cruise lines refuse to do from those who could be their honest supporters. My response to them is, "Spurn honest interest and support in haste and you'll come to resent it in leisure." Well, again, looking back in this process now over 50 years, I ask myself what do I know?

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