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Well, Frank, from my experience, you have to keep calling them back. Keep track of who you talk to and the date you talk to them. When they put you off again or say they will have someone call you, ask when you can expect a return call. Then remind them if you don't hear back, you will call back. Once they figure out you're not going away, they usually finally get something done, either they made a mistake and your Representative will not be able to co-sign at this time or they will get him on as a co-signer. But sometimes it gets to the point as has with one of my Senators, where your number comes up on caller ID and they will no longer answer your call and if you leave a message, they will no longer call you back. But then he has announced his retirement, so he's not interested in doing anything, but putting in his time. I assume to get a "better" retirement package - as he had been in Washington before. What a sad situation we have in Washington these days!
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