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From research I did for a video I did on the life of James Howard, I found that John W. Tobin"s story was pretty interesting. He went into the cotton business in New Orleans in the early 1840's, he failed so he went to the California gold rush and in California he was successful. He came back to New Orleans and went into the steamboat business, in the late 1850's he had James Howard build him the FRANK PARAGOULD, a large side wheeler. When the war broke out, he still owed the Howards considerable money. As the war went on Tobin ended up burning the boat to keep his pride and joy from falling into the hands of the Yankees. After the war Tobin saw that there was a great shortage of steamboats but he had no money and he still had his debt he owed the Howards. In 1867 he traveled to Jeffersonville where he stayed in James Howard's home. While there he convinced Howard to build him a boat largely on credit, promising to not only pay off the new boat but also his past debt. James Howard built a second PARAGOULD for Tobin. The second boat was the right boat at the right time, not only did Tobin pay off his debt, pay off his new boat but made enough to build the J.M.WHITE.
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