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In 1987 Capt. Fred Way generously presented me with the 7 foot model he built of the J.M. WHITE in 1937. It had been relegated to a dusty basement storage room after being on display for many years in the original River Museum (opened in 1941) in the basement of the Campus Martius Museum at Marietta, Ohio. Capt. Fred was NOT too happy that the model was not included in the displays when the new Ohio River Museum opened in 1974.

Anyway, I noticed on the model that the whistle was in the middle of the pilothouse roof. Capt. Fred told me that he didn't know the reason why, but that was where it was located on "the real deal" and that he had fashioned the whistle from five bullet shells that he referred to as 'the five rats' - due to the fact that he had shot at rats around his garage at 121 River Avenue in Sewickley, PA.

Today's "River Trivia"!
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