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*SEWICKLEY/Bob McCann/Your history*
Steamboating colleagues:
Bill, thanks for the additional notes on the M/V SEWICKLEY including your ownership of her. This expands knowledge of a darned nice and now nearly famous "best of the best" boat.

Sure, Purser Bob McCann's 'story' about the SEWICKLEY name [i.e. S.E. WICKLEY] was done in jest, pulling the legs of "landlubbers." Bob McCann could be like that. Woe be unto him or her who ever questioned, challenged one of Bob's stories or histories when aboard the DQ. Bob was reluctant to ever put pen to paper with his memories or be interviewed with a then period tape recorder. Now and then we did get his voice on tape with me promptly writing down his memories. One dry wit we know said, "By darned! Bob McCann could recall how many revolutions the paddlewheel on the SENATOR CORDILL could make landing in Marietta." Likewise, many of us could relate more than a few stories, histories, anecdotes about Bob McCann. He one 'grand original.' Again, what do I know?

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