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*RE: The REAL sternwheeler SEWICKLEY?! WOW!*
Morning, Steamboat collelagues:
Thanks to Capt. Bill Judd's heads up on appearance of the SEWICKLEY along with Judy's memories. Now, Bill, I do assume this the sternwheeler SEWICKLEY I first knew/saw over 55 years ago while on a DELTA QUEEN Cincinnati/Pittsburgh trip. I thought her one fine boat then with photos buried here I'll try to resurrect.

Naturally, DELTA QUEEN Purser Bob McCann aboard the DQ had his usual array of boat stories over the DQ's PA system [No 'Riverlorian' in those days]. Bob's somewhat humorous anecdote about the SEWICKLEY, in answer to passenger questions, was, "No sir/madam, the boat SEWICKLEY 'wasn't' named after the town outside of Pittsburgh. She was accidentally named SEWICKLEY when being completed with a painter leaving the period off after letters S.E. She was to have been named after a man named S.E. WICKLEY. Bill, Judy, you ever hear that story? I bet Jim Reising, Kenny Howe, Doc Hawley, Don Sanders have. Back in Cincinnati for two weeks attending to business before returning back up north. Catching up on .org, E=Mails, U.S. Mail, FACEBOOK.

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