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Default The DQ's niche

And here is where I can see the DQ in the 'glut' of overnight passenger vessels: She should cruise in the daylight, choke a stump at night if ahead of schedule. She should be a BOAT for people who want to take a BOAT RIDE on the river, who want to see RIVER scenery, not inland 'wonders'. In other words, revert back to the schedule we knew, Bob, of the 70s-80s. 3 hour shore stops long enough to wander into town which leaves plenty of daylight cruising hours. Of course the lure of $$$$$ that shore tours and promoters might wave under the owners' noses will be a temptation... but just as the DQ's structure differs from the new boatels, so should her schedule and purpose for being...a BOAT, not a Grayline tour bus!!!
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