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*RE: 'Shore Excursions/Time NOT cruising etc.*
Steamboating colleagues:
Interesting link RE: 'Shore Excursions' above with comments following. Agreed that in the old days most of the fun was 'steaming' during the day actually seeing the river/scenery with shore stops included, naturally.

Even the 'big blue water babies' are nearly locked into port stops with many shore excursions during the day, pulling out to steam at night. At sea no big deal as the watery horizon looks pretty much the same. Cruise boat/ships operators often sign contracts with shore excursion operators. A known fact that much above revenue earned from shore excursions.

Then there's the factor of being tied up most of the day with tours while sailing/steaming at night to, in essence, save fuel somewhat . Many ports of call not that far apart from each other. I've talked to many a passenger in later years who looked at me with blank stares when asked, "Did you see the beautiful Ox Bow Bends of the Ohio River?" European river cruise boats also now follow the same pattern. But, what do I know?

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