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Originally Posted by Judy Patsch View Post
...doesn't it bother you the least little bit that NO dollar amount has ever been admitted to being given to the cause by the owners?????? You're good with just an occasional bone thrown of a we're working very hard behind the scenes statement??????????????????

That really is an unfair statement. During February, 2015 someone had to write a good check to purchase the boat for the cause. If that check wasn't written, there's a darn good chance the Old Gal would have been broken up by now. Also I rather imagine that the owners of the property where she is currently tied up expect to get their check for moorage each month. That payment is for the cause. God only knows what sort of taxes have to be paid on an 89 year old steamboat for the cause. And there is property in Kimmswick that has to be maintained for the cause. I'm pretty sure there are plenty of other costs for the cause that must be paid for the boat to be just in existence another day!

The problem isn't with the owners of the DQ; the problem rest squarely on the shoulders of a broken political system in Washington, DC! And until each American of legal age goes to the voting polls our politicians are more beholden to the fat cat lobbyists than to We the People. Today when I called Senator Scott's office despite having called before about S 1717 I wasn't even in their database of previous callers. I am a bit surprised that the hapless staffer even mentioned that fact. He assured me though that he did indeed register that call, but the fact remains that this constituent didn't even make a blip that first call. We deserve better!
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