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Default Think what you posted...

Originally Posted by David Dewey View Post
There are fewer than 51 days left in this session. Do try to get all your acquaintances to write or call. Don't let ACLs $130,000+ financed opposition win!! (again!)
If ACL is spending $130,000+ to oppose the bill, don't you really want to know how much the DQ Company has spend to support it???? If that answer is $0, do you really think DQ fans' letters (without money in them) will overrule the professional lobbying effort? I don't want to hear the same old, same old they are working behind the scenes and don't want to reveal their strategy stories. How much have the DQ owners invested in professional lobbying efforts? Jo Ann, David, and other loyal foot soldiers in this battle - doesn't it bother you the least little bit that NO dollar amount has ever been admitted to being given to the cause by the owners?????? You're good with just an occasional bone thrown of a we're working very hard behind the scenes statement??????????????????
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