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Of course I do realize many families who felt they could spring for a boat ride and a trip to Coney would also be looking for ways to cut costs, and that often meant packing a lunch to take. Things were a bit less hectic then, too, and that had a bearing on it.

Not "steamboats", but even I am old enough to remember when there was not a McDonald's at every other exit on the Interstate. We as a family, on vacations, would often pack snacks for the car with a cooler for drinks, but would usually stop in a town for lunch. That, however, was not always easy, and not always easy to find a place where you knew you'd get something decent. I remember my father saying once about eating at a Holiday Inn, "Well, it's not the best food, but you know what you're gonna get." Very true.

My thinking about the big excursion boats was that they might have prided themselves on decent food at a decent price and tried to build a reputation, catering to middle range prices. Again it's great that the Stiers are offering these trips and allowing folks to bring a basket aboard.

One last thing: I always chuckle at the story of the passenger on the AVALON telling Capt. Wagner, "Captain, I'll give you five dollars for a good, hot hot dog". When Wagner got it good and hot and served it to the man and got his five bucks, Wagner said, "Hey, where's the quarter for the hot dog?!?" ;-) You gotta love it!
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