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Default Food, the 'direct' route, etc.

I remember looking at the river through the AVALON's toilets. And I remember the canvas stall 'doors' which existed well past the direct route system... I remember Mary Bill Bauer arranging the box lunches for us on the BELLE Madison trips in October. Now as to the TWILIGHT situation: Saturday is the only day off for the crew (3 two day trips a week), so Kevin resisted the Chamber of Commerce requests to run Saturday excursions until this year. But he did so with the idea that with no food service most of his crew could still have the day off. So they arranged the box lunch deal with a local restaurant, but passengers weren't limited to that food only. They could bring their own aboard. The only stipulation was no coolers. Water, iced tea, and lemonade was provided free. So the trip was quite a bargain, and they got their money's worth cruise-wise too. The 11:00-12:30 and 1:00-2:30 cruised exactly those times. It allowed about a 5 minute turnaround between trips, but there was little debris to clean up as is the case when food service is available. As to the Streckfus boats and food, here's one of my guesses: locals brought picnic basket lunches while tourists were the main purchasers of the boat food. I know when we rode the ADMIRAL in the late 50s, we had no means of making meals during our vacation to take aboard. I can't remember if we took a basket aboard the AVALON or not in the '50s, but I do remember sitting up on the Texas stern at the tables rather than down in the sun. This Streckfus food situation sounds like a good question for the Blums, Joy Manthey, John Carroll.....
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