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Default A different time...

Interesting thread! Yes, kudos to the TWILIGHT bunch for offering these excursions, both to give people a taste of what they'd experience on a longer cruise and to give the folks around LeClaire and the Quad Cities an excursion experience.

Yes, times were different then. I do wonder: with the food service that was available on the ISLAND QUEEN, Streckfus boats, etc. and so many bringing their own food aboard, I wonder what the percentage was of folks who brought their own vs. those who bought it there? And, if most brought their own, how could the operators justify having (perishable) food available, paying staff to prepare and serve it?

Thinking of how folks do today, I for one would not really want to prepare, wrap and package food to be carried if I knew good food was available there. More expensive, yes, but far less work on the part of passengers. And it's kinda like a hot dog at the ball park....yes, you can fix a hot dog at home, but there's just something about that ball park hot dog that tastes better!
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