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*Basket lunches on excursion boats*
Steamboating colleagues:
Thanks for Judy's initial posting 'New TWILIGHT offerings' followed by Jim's memories from the BELLE. Again, Jim was there THEN on the BELLE and the DQ prior as Purser. Judy's experience on steamboats also dating way back down to the present day.

Jim, 'basket' or 'picnic hampers' of food on excursion steamboats goes way, way back. Judy would know more about this on the STRECKFUS boats. The last big ISLAND QUEEN here running from foot of Broadway up to CONEY ISLAND permitted 'hampers' of food by passengers to eat seated on deck benches. The boat also had extensive offerings of food items, fresh squeezed orange juices, candies. I don't recall seeing dogs or burgers sold as our family packed a hefty hamper with wood handles, Scotch plaid on the outside. Enough food to last for another big snack or meal up in the park at CONEY or swimming at CONEY's 'SUNLITE' pool--then the world's largest recirculating swimming pool. I remember being plunked down on the ISLAND QUEEN green painted benches to eat going up river: sandwiches, fruit or pickles in jars, apples, oranges, bananas, cake or pie. Other times fried chicken. There was the big Scotch thermos or two with coffee, milk or juices. I honestly don't remember mom, dad, family purchasing drinks but there was popcorn. Heck, that was a L-O-N-G time ago now.

The ISLAND QUEEN toilets then dumped direct in the river below with you able to look down in the toilet, see the river water rushing by far below. I was scared to go in with dad or mom giving me the 'word' with dad there to reinforce me. After ORSANCO came into existence the river was cleaned up with new sewage faclities, boats order to stop dropping, dumping waste, 'gray water' in the river. Who here remembers the DELTA QUEEN being 'arrested' for dumping garbage in the river? Well, what do I know?

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