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*Betty's DQ campaign/Shopping center tables then*
Steamboating colleagues:
A 'shy lurker' promptly sent an E=Mail to me RE: the above postings "How much interest is really there?" with questions about Betty Blake's first campaign, approaches etc. OK, I hear readers here now moaning, "Here goes Dale again." I gathered the 'shy lurker' only knew Betty from reputation, other sources--never direct. Again, there was and will be only ONE Betty Blake. She also grew up in a political family in Kentucky, pursued her college degress in business, marketing, public relations. When Betty arrived on planet earth her mold was promptly broken. A knowing poster entered on here back a while, "Most people wouldn't have liked Betty Blake." True but with a follow statement, "Betty at times didn't often like most of us." She complained about "meddling...problems with so called DQ fans...I wonder who are our friends or enemies with the DELTA QUEEN." Her language was at times caustic, colorful, direct cutting to the core. Yet, she was thoughtful, appreciative. Several times she said to me, "In public relations you often have to 'use' people. You do so graciously letting them know why." With every PR victory she had there were several duds tipping the scales.

The question posed to me RE: "petition tables inside and outside of shopping malls" garnered a zillion signatures. Remember, the issue was somewhat different then than now. I'd have to check with regulations and laws now on the books here but think then Betty and her 'troops' had to get legal clearance, approval from the city to mount a political campaign with tables, printed material, gathering signatures on the mall property. This to disengage the mall corporate mangement, store leasers from involvement in a 'political initiative.' It isn't as easy to pass out flyers, request signatures as easy as people think. Early on Betty established links with newspaper writers, TV media in nearly every city/town where the DQ stopped cultivating allies. She knew which media outlet to tap when needed usuing very well written, printed 'press kits'--and she stuck to the kits with no off the cuff asides. I have many of her press kits in my files here with then B/W gloss photos, color prints etc. inside. These campaign tools cost money then and even more now. Betty became more of a household name here than the mayor, city council, top corporate executives, those in the arts. Once it was written, "Betty Blake has the job everybody wants." Or so they thought not knowing the real story, inside facts.

In pulling out the big guns for the DQ then, Betty pushed the envelope to the 'nth degree sweetened by her charm and guile. She was questioned then seeking support for an otherwise "private for profit corporate concern outside of the public domain" from the public. Anyway, it worked. She knew to work her campaign(s) from a purely political point avoiding any money grants, gifts to remain 'legal.' Betty worked long, long hours burning the candle at both ends often to her own detriment being exausted. Still she didn't do it alone for certain. I look back now, paw in my files reviewing all of that wondering if it all really happened. Again, what do I know or remember from those years?

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