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Dale, I've posted many lengthy things on Facebook, just as I do on here. There is no limit such as on Twitter, etc. The greatest advantage for me, as I've stated before, is the ability to post multiple pictures. You all know how I like to take/share pictures! And as I'm sure you are finding out, there are more than enough sites dealing with steamboats, rivers, etc. to cause you to find your day has been shot without you realizing how much time you've spent online ogling at the pictures. And Russ, yes one can live with either a positive or negative attitude. Yours toward Facebook is obviously negative, which is your prerogative. But then you must deal with the fallout, which is that you are missing much worthwhile information being shared on there, which will not, despite your pleadings, end up on .org too. I am now going to Facebook to post about today's adventure on the TWILIGHT, with pictures. IF I have time, I'll post a briefer version on .org later.
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