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*Congress/Lobbying/'Private for Profit*
Steamboating colleagues:
Very, very interesting questions, insights on the above RE: "How mch interest is really there?" Many points on the DQ initiative have and will continue to appear here--we hope--and other media like FACEBOOK etc.

No question the ladies have done legion work on this nearly to the date the DQ boat shut her boilers down, steam dropped. But there have also been a number of others here who have not only chimed in with support but date way back to the first exemption initiative lead by Betty Blake. And then other exemption issues after that. Newspaper articles/edtitorials written, 'talks' given to various interests groups, radio interviews, speaking before city councils, letters, calls, E=Mails to congressional representatives on and on. Petition tables were even set up at inside and outside shopping malls here in the greater Cincinnati region.

Remember, no 'private for profit corporate entitity outside of the public domain' owes any of us data, information, plans, financial figures above the basics of their business operation. I agree much more going on "behind the scenes" than we know. Phil Johnson spoke clearly with no 'steamboat romance' on the DQ project at the spring meeting and evening banquet of S&D and MOR at Clifty Inn, Madison, Indiana. Any individual free to dontate personal financial resources, volunteer time, labor all they want to any initiative they so desire be it private for profit or public. The issue is that solicitated donations done so with no guraranteed Federal IRS Tax Exempt status. At least I didn't see any clear registration of it on letters of appeal I received or handed. Nothing wrong with purchasing any item in support. The receving company or operation can accept donations but must be registered with their State Attorney General, pay a tax.

I get calls, E=Mails, letters all the time as S&D treasurer to "why not make a donation to the dear DELTA QUEEN?" Some requests polite with others direct, demanding. ANY organization with 501(C)3 Tax Exempt status or Charitable Trust totally forbidden to make any grant. To do so could result in IRS or individual state intervention, cancellation of charter or state status, possible prosecution. That bit of news more than deflates with a polite "thanks," growling, no comment or the phone being slammed down. I certainly don't want to see any friends, colleagues end up with me writing holiday cards, sending treats to people cooling it in the slammer. The DELTA QUEEN can not be compared to the Str. W.P. SNYDER, Ohio River Museum, Marietta, Ohio as the SNYDER is in the public domain. I've also thought, researched why or why not the DQ initiative--at this point--can't offer certified stock investments with a corporate prospectus to interested investors. No doubt that could only come with an exemption.

The fact that certain congressional representatives NOT receiving more communications of interest/support for the DQ may come with various answers. So, once AGAIN I step up to send yet another letter, E=Mail, phone call in support. But this is getting old fast. The year 2016 and circumstances now far different politically, financially than they were when Betty Blake carted that big wheelbarrow up the steps of the U.S. Capitol containing all those hundreds of thousands of signatures. How many of you here worked with Betty then, saw the wheelbarrow? Even crusty Garmatz had to give Betty credit watching all with a smile on his face. Yet, what do I know?

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