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Wes, that is the exact same post you made 4 months ago and from that we should not question the management and rest assured that the DQSC has everything well in hand and progress is being made. Therefore, there is no reason for us to call or write our congressman as JoAnn wants us to do. In fact, it could be counter productive.
Would it be too much to reveal about the progress of those super, secret negotiations for the boats management to tell us if it's time to go to the liquor store to buy the bottle, time to put it in the frig to start chilling, or time to take it out of the frig and remove the foil seal?
After all it was the DQSC's management who opened this can of worms by soliciting contributions to raise capital rather than selling stock as every other corporation does. Like all contributions to a charity the contributors have a right to know what good their hard earned money is doing.
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