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*Abandoning .org? NEVER!*
Good morning Capt. Bill Judd & Frank Prudent,
What? What?! ME abandon NEVER! Since fumbling, mumbling around getting signed up [Or is it hooked?] on FACEBOOK a daunting task. I was hounded, shamed, cajoled, threatened by a number of 'Friends' on this site, S&D etc. to finally get with the modern age. It'll take time to figure FACEBOOK out with me already seeing problems, weak points. From what I see--other than links to S&D and others--postings, exchanges of information have to be rather brief, quick. Yet, I do like the photo adds to share. This .org site STILL for me prime in longer discussions. Ummm...errrr...just WHO are all of these people now rolling in as 'friends?' "And the rough places will be made plain." Cheers!

R. Dale Flick
Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati
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