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Default OK Russ, you wanted me to double post, so here it is

I just posted this on the Save DQ Facebook page, so here it is here to get deleted too I suppose:

JoAnn, as I posted on .org, its hard to keep the faith when it appears that only YOU are doing anything toward the exemption. I'll ask it on here too: what have the major owners been doing toward getting the exemption? How much money has been spent on lobbying, or is there any professional lobbying going on? As Taylor points out, time is short this year. Is there no urgency on the part of the owners to get the exemption? Just wait yet another year and another year.... let's hear from someone other than Phillip, who seems to be the only owner who is interested. ..Are they really just planning to use her as a hotel in Kimmswick, but are putting up a front that they are trying to get an exemption to run her again? Remember back on Aug. 1, 2007 when Majestic America Line announced 'sadly' that the exemption bid had just failed - but in the same announcement they listed her 'farewell tour schedule for 2008'? What is being done in D.C. toward the exemption? Where has the money donated online and by minor investors gone? Cornell, Leah Ann?????
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