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*Transient nature/Dialogues on social media*
Steamboating colleagues:
Franz & Russ brought out interesting aspects of posting on webs and social media, finding past postings in archives etc. This something I wasn't totally aware of. The discussion threads Franz has mounted here so far pretty adequate in my thinking. A number of other web sites [Some steamboat oriented] allow postings but not interplay of questions, comments etc.--and this for very obvious reasons. To do so requires the web master always on call for him/her to monitor postings, comments appropriate, strangers lurking in making silly or even near obscene comments. It's no small job. Remember, once you hit SEND on any internet medium it's out there FOREVER and never goes away. Retired dean of University of Cincinnati Law School here has told me many a harrowing story of postings 'out there' and what can happen.

From what I see on FACEBOOK it also is nearly instantaneous with comments, questions, chit chat in evolving dialogues, photos of posters etc. I've posted on other unrelated web sites only to have a flurry of responses 'direct' to me on my home E=Mail not appearing on the site. Again, postings on any social media with 'hits' in response or just reading can be misleading.

Working here on downloading more old photos, 35 mm. color slides from ages ago on rivers/steamboats I hope to have posted on FACEBOOK and the Sons & Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen web site. Again, thanks for all the ideas, discussion, facts presented above. Now I DO know what I don't know.

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