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Default Times Free Press Article

The latest information I've gotten comes from an article released in April.

Delta Queen remains unrepaired a year after leaving Chattanooga | Times Free Press

Apparently, the dock in Missouri where the QUEEN would be moored is being worked on, and the nearby restaurant is also under construction. "The property where it will reside and dock has been purchased by the Jefferson County Port Authority in conjunction with the city of Kimmswick," is what the mayor said. He also later said: "The cosmetics are a continuing process down there, it's in the middle of a swamp. I did personally spit on finger and make a big line on the side of it to see how difficult it would to be to clean it off, and I could do it with my finger. It basically needs to be powerwashed."

The article later speaks about how both Missouri US Senators are for the bill, which is good news, and then it goes on about ACL lobbying for it to stay off the waters. A pretty good article, and as recent as important DELTA QUEEN news goes. I was pretty optimistic to read it; they seem to be hustling over there, even though I agree it would greatly help the company to release what's happening "behind the scenes".
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