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Default re: the transient nature of social media content

Morning Franz and all,

Grit is preservation motivated by passion. Thank you Franz and Carmen for the grit to stay the course with this board. Another definition of grit is staying with something longer than most folks think reasonable to finally get results. Remember the life story of President Lincoln.

I am not a Facebook person so I leave answering the following question to others who are: Is there a way to start a dialogue with those discussing steamboats, riverboats, etc. on Facebook? Would adding a fourth section to this board for something like "river talk yesterday, today, and tomorrow" provide a more obvious home for others to feel more comfortable to post to?

Warning: I write this after just one morning cup of coffee, not more. After all, coffee keeps the pilot house afloat .... :) ?

Keep your steam up!

Russ Ryle
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