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Thanks so much for the kind words, we appreciate that very much!

Indeed, the webserver physically moved from a small town near Munich to Strassburg in France over night - plysically really means. my web hoster packed the server into a truck (together with hundreds other webservers) and shipped it over the highway to Strassburg. You can imagine how nervous I was, given the additional fact that I was on a cruise ship in the Med without any chance to do anything in case something goes wrong. Fortunately everything was perfectly organized and the server was back online about ten minutes earlier than scheduled.

Dale, to answer you question about the "active members" count: To be honest, I really don't know what exactly the forum software is counting there. I guess it counts the number of users who have actively posted something to the message board over a period of time. But for sure, there are much more people passively reading the message board than just about 30 ;-) I'm thinking of removing this part of the statistics completely as it seams it's more confusing than helpful ...

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