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Default *.org's new 'server'/Active Member count*

Steamboating colleagues:
Yesterday I noted that was 'down' for a period undergoing unstallation of a "new server." Things this morning looking good again. Yet, I have a question. I noted for some extended days the 'Active members' shown as 33 and holding. I note today, after a a number of postings and then responses 'Active number' dropping down to 29. Is this some kind of computer computation glitch or what? We have observations about falling postings, active membership here for one reason or the other. Perhaps Franz in his free time can elighten us.

Thanks also to Capt. Bob Reynolds for his thinking RE: .org postings and FACEBOOK. Don't be fooled as FACEBOOK is far more invasive, vulnerable than you think. Don't get me wrong. Fine river threads, postings, photos, pertinent chit chat for sure but it comes with a price in time. Don't be fooled with web statistics on 'Hits' to a site and what it means. Again, what do I know? I am curious.

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