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*Str. PORTLAND/Built 1947*
Steamboating colleagues:
I agree with Capt. Bob Reynolds "not a bad deal...other side of the country." Great for the steamboat minded people out there and for those here possibly touring on summer vacations.

There is also a discussion on RE: last steam sternwheel built. Names were tossed with apparently the JASON being the one. Yet, digging in the history of the PORTLAND reveals she's something of a come latley gal being under construction, finished in late 1947. May be a long time ago for some but for others that was just like yesterday. True packet steamboating ['California Transportation Co.' etc.] operated a number of years [Not many] longer than the older, wheezing boats left here with the exception of then newer CINCINNATI and CAPE GIRARDEAU. Economic factors out west different but within no time the highway and bridge systems cut deeply as did trucks for freight and 'truck farming.'

I'll have to dig in my records but 'think' the PORTLAND did receive a J. Mack Gamble award via their request to S&D of Pioneer Rivermen for paint when they were getting again up and running. I wish the PORTLAND well.

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