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Jim, I cannot speak for the owners of Port Call Restaurant or the owners of the DELTA QUEEN, but here's my idea on the new restaurant: They have space there and are trying to generate some interest. Few, if any, restaurant patrons will know or even care what food used to be served on the DQ, especially 50 years ago. My take is that the restaurant and boat owners are trying to generate interest in the DELTA QUEEN as well as providing a new restaurant for Kimmswick and generate some much-needed revenue for the company. If the menu at the restaurant reflects the menu(s) to be served on the boat once she comes back out, and that generates interest in the boat and business, all well and good.

Even if they serve a "sailing buffet" of fried chicken, ham, corn pudding a big ol' salad bowl and prime rib with baked potato, catfish on Fridays and relatively simple lunches, there is a market for that sort of thing, too in the restaurant biz. If it helps the DQ, then all well and good.
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