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Default Porta Call Restaurant Kimmswick

If I understand correctly there will be a new restaurant in Kimmswick, Mo. which will feature "a taste of the Delta Queen". I'm not sure what exactly that would be because in my DQ days the food was basically good ol' American comfort food with a very heavy Southern influence.
When Ed Gallagher was the Chief Steward all the recipes came from a big US Navy cookbook which he kept on the top bunk in his room. There were no "red wine reductions" or hollandaise sauces anywhere on the menu. About the fanciest we got was sour cream for the baked potatoes (I remember one time Katie Mae Cain (Timberhead), not knowing what the sour cream was for saying, "Yuck, that stuff tastes like soap".
The colored crew had a completely different menu ("they don't like the rich food the passengers get") of real soul food. About half the time Capt. Wagner would ask the waiter in the officers dining room "what's ya serving downstairs?" and that's what he would have.
I believe that the year after I got off the boat Betty Blake and Bill Muster had the meals idea that didn't last very long.
The menu's must have changed greatly after my time if they warrant a restaurant featuring them. What was the food like in the later days?
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