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*Proof of the pudding/Thanks, Mike*
Hi, Mike,
Thanks for your clarification and pointing me/us in the right direction. I will later today go on, type in and look. My question initially was to guarantee/prove that these statements or plain rumors along with wishful thinking about what ACL is or isn't doing correct with all in black/white. Too many rumors, statements, more added to 'those people we love to hate' when not actually involved with hands on as you, Phil Johnson etc. are down at Houma. Nothing like "being wrong at the top of our voices." I also think Jim Reising nailed down some very interesting, revealing information on he who heads ACL. I agree he is "no lightweight" for sure. All I'm asking is for clear, direct information on these issues from those who are involved and who know for the right reason at the right time for the right purpose.

Now I'm hearing noises for a "boycott of ACL." People can boycott whomover they wish but I daresay those who have the money for those cruise tariffs aren't hanging on to each word on this web site or even FACEBOOK. Suggesting any "boycott" easier said than done sounding noble with "free speech and expression." That is until your words come back on you legally. Again, what do I know?

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