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*Correction 'typo'/Deleting posted facts*
Steamboating colleagues:
A 1,000 pardons for a 'typo' above when I meant MISSISSIPI QUEEN and NOT AMERICAN QUEEN. So much for typing without my post cataract eye surgery glasses.

Jim, interesting 'findings' you've uncovered, posted above. I was taken aback by the lady's comment on the DQ model at the Howard Museum. But what can we expect with various media sources who don't go for the full story with usually youngish reporters who know nothing of river/maritime affair to make the story fit the news deadline with that certain 'twist.' I know we all love the DQ--no doubt about that. Years back I happened to invite a group of people to go down to 'walk' the DQ, see her off. On the landing two turned to me, "You may like that boat but I wouldn't take a trip on it." Then, steaming into Cincinnati on a Tall Stack's' cruise on the MISSISSIPPI QUEEN, a fellow passenger from out-of-town stood on deck as we came up the river seeing the skyline, Suspension Bridge etc. With a dry tone he turned to me, "I know you like this river and boat but it doesn't do a thing for me." OUCH! Another here in town said, "This 'Tall Stacks' is like watching ice melt." I thought of Capt. C.W. Stoll's statement, "You either GET IT about steamboats or you don't.

I also note some 'cyberease' above deleting financial facts so stated on TV/s '60 Minutes' RE: a congressional rep stating about "having to raise $18,000 a day." What's going on here? Was this from an outside 'lurker' or within this web? To delete something like this clouds other possible 'discussions' on the DQ initiative casting doubts. There is no official party line here. 'Deleters' can't have it both ways. Again, now I know what I see.

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