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As I'm typing this just below the quick reply box is an ad for American Cruise Line with a check box to request a brochure, right here on "Save The Delta Queen" web site.
I did an extensive search on ACL and found that it is a family owned company with the founder Charles A. Robertson President and CEO, his sons are also in management positions (not unlike the old Greene Line).
Robertson is a licensed master who also has a first class pilots license. According to the bio I read he is an expert on Coast Guard regulations and has appeared as an expert witness for the Coast Guard and the he is no "light weight".
Here is an inconvenient truth that none of us agree with, some people, and apparently Mr. Robertson is one of them, really believe that the DQ is inherently dangerous, a fire hazard...I know this is true because once I was escorting some visitors at the Howard Museum and we came to the model of the DQ and I was talking about the boat a lady in the group said "that boat is dangerous".
I believe that Mr. Robertson is not so much worried about the competition the DQ would pose (he says he welcomes Viking on the river) as he is that a disasterous fire would hurt the entire river cruise industry.
Like Dale, What do I know???
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