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Having wintered this year in St. Petersburg, Fla., I was reading in the local paper that about 20 yrs.ago the St. Pete Beach city council passed ordinances that pretty well prohibited new growth. Clearwater did not have such laws so there was a building boom with all these high rise hotels and condo's. Tourists are flocking to Clearwater, while the mom&pop 1950's style beach motels are languishing (I personally much prefer the mom & pops). The gest of the article was people today prefer the glitz of the high rises.
That got me to doing some research so I looked at AARP travel (98% of boat cruisers qualify for AARP) and at AAA. Believe it or not one of the things most looked for and required by the older traveling public was free WIFI....just try to take away a 70 yr. old grandmothers Ipad or Smartphone so she can't get daily pictures of the grandkids! High on the priority list were things dealing with mobility issues...elevators, ramps, safe bathrooms, etc.
I know that if Her Royal Majesty runs again in her present state my wife could never ride it because of all the stairs and I'm not sure I could fit in a lot of the bathrooms. Nor would I want to live with my wife if she didn't have her Ipad for a week.
As the song goes "Times They Are A Changing". (If knowing that song doesn't date me nothing does).
But what do I know
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