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Default ACL is probably not spending wisely?

Maybe ACL should have tried to block Viking instead of worrying about the DQ A vastly different set of clients. I agree with the above threads, when folks ask us about riverboats we make it clear to look for AQ and not ACL websites. Another ACL trick seems to be that their site pops up first on internet searches, even when you type in American Queen Steamboat.

What ACL (and to some extent AQ folks) need to be afraid of is not the DQ, but Viking. With all the advertising and a big following from people who have sailed European Rivers with Viking there will be some stiff competition. Too bad ACL didn't put the same effort in blocking a foreign owned company from barging into the American riverboat trade. (no pun intended....)

This year, for the first time ever, we decided to try a European riverboat trip, and went with AMA. during that trip we really gave the AQ (and AE) some good comments and advised others to avoid ACL. I was surprised at the number of Americans who had never heard of the AQ, or even knew that there were overnight steamboat or riverboat trips on US rivers. Even with all the advertising I have seen in the US I was still surprised at the number of Viking boats on the river compared to other companies. I am concerned a bit that they will try to take over the US riverboat market, we shall see. In the mean time, although we don't have our next AQ trip planned, there are several options we are looking at. We also will never consider an ACL trip, regardless of price, due to their actions.
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