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Default *AMERICAN QUEEN's 2016 upgrades/Interview*

Steamboating colleagues:
A recent article, with interview of 'American Queen Steamboat Co.' CEO John Waggoner, appeared in TRAVEL WEEKLY [To the travel industry] announcing the many upgrades made to the 436 passenger AQ as she entered her current cruise season 2016. Some $7 million in previous upgrades just to put the boat in service after the year 2011 with upgrades continuing as a "work in progress." Waggoner turned attention to the boat's exterior using a high quality white linear exterior polyurethene paint used on yachts. "The interior was in good shape but the exterior covered in mold," according to Waggoner.

A project now to replace handrails with new mahogany, painted outside decks, varnished all the mahogany doors on outside staterooms. Each stateroom also received work from wallpaper to reupholstering of every piece of furniture, new bar, new floors and a new food-service area. Freshly popped popcorn, soft-service ice cream, drinks, coffee, tea, expressos and cappuccinos. The boat's 'Front Porch' a popular spot during the day. The outdoor 'River Grill' will be revamped after the 'River Grill' on the company's AMERICAN EMPRESS with top alternate dining with small-plate, regional selections. The AQ's sun deck also reworked with the pool, fitness room, outdoor sofas, lounge chairs, canopy covers for shade. The list goes on and on. The boat's executive staff with discerning eyes will continue with dedication to the long-term life and evolution of the boat. AMERICAN QUEEN cruises start at $2,149 per person. WHEW! sounds like the company moving ahead on full steam to maintain, modernize, expand the boat's appearance, appointments, service and appeal. No mention of bath robes, slippers, WiFi, luxury bed linens in tight weave threads for added comfort for that 1st Class appeal. Well, again, what do I know other than what I read and hear.

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