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Default TV AWE Queen of the Mississippi

Last evening there was a program on the AWE channel featuring the Queen of the Mississippi on the LMR I suppose from (NOLA) to Vicksburg. [missed the very first part].

When I started watching the boat was going to visit Frogmore (sp?) Plantation. The last stop was in Vicksburg. Baton Rouge and Oak Alley were featured.

In any event the program showed a lecture by Bill ? and an intro by the Captain (name ?---a rather young short shirt sleeved young chap). Maybe there were more passengers that would fit in the TV camera view but there was not a large crowd in view either in the on board lecture or at plantation house(s). Maybe the passengers were split among several tours/activities when the footage was shot.

Has anyone seen any such program for the AQ?

I'm guessing that this program might be underwritten/sponsored or heavily subsidized by MSC Cruises-----As MSC cruise ships have been featured in (almost) every episode of this program that I have seen.
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