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*DQ Pixs at Houma*
Morning, Steamboating colleagues:
Pat, many, many thanks for the photo 'tour' of the DQ currently docked at Houma in a virtual pictorial narrative. I had a 'glitch' of my own here opening the photos finally working it out with all opening up via another brouser. Glad to hear much of the boat's vital metal work: whistle, gagues, brass fittings etc. removed, secured. The pictures that 'got me' and haunting was the DQ's somewhat ragged American flag flying proudly, her wheel surrounded by all that floating water vegetation. Was that water hyacinth? I agree with one poster about paint. Old salts in the navy used to say, "You can hide a multitude of sins with a coat of paint." Glad hearing they are keeping the mold problem under control. I've also ditigized, had posted some of my old, old DQ and other river 35 mm. slides going back 55 years or older from the 'dusty boxes' for posting on FACEBOOK and the web site for S&D of Pioneer Rivermen. Cheers to all!

R. Dale Flick
Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati
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