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This is the information we need to pass onto ALL our friends, AND to our congressional representatives. The DQ is being bullied by a Big Money company, and usually our representatives are FOR the underdog! They also like to wave the flag, so I would suggest something stated like the following:
From 2013 through 2015 American Cruise Lines has spent at least $120,000 hiring Blank Rome Government Relationships to lobby against the exemption for the Delta Queen. They have spread misinformation about the Delta Queen and its exemplary safety record. Apparently ACL fears the competition and wants to keep the Delta Queen from returning to overnight river travel. Competition is the American Way; do not let this company with big money subvert the American Way and destroy a significant piece of our American Heritage!

Time is short, re-post all your friends, acquaintances, co-workers and your government representatives. Let them know we are fighting for the rights of the "little people" -- the ones they are elected to represent!
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