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*Changes on DQ over the years*
Steamboating colleagues:
Judy, thanks for your keen memory RE: 'Last enlarging' with renovation, expansion of DQ cabins with new baths, elimination of other aspects as I drew one big [?] here myself. Years back there were also several small--very small--outside cabins on the Cabin Deck also removed in the combining work. Original drawings of the DQ in Capt. Tom Greene's day were never realized with them being scratched, new plans drawn up with the bar off the Orleans Room, relocation of the gift shop. One issue with the DQ was no interior hall ways on the top decks for people to use avoiding bad weather. In California days there had also been a barbershop in that one place. The DQ then, in essence, was built for the then packet and 'night boat' service. Cabins adequate to small compared to today as most people only on the DK/DQ one night or on a two night R/T--not luxury cruise boats like today. DQ bath/toilet facilities not expected in all cabins other than the higher tariff ones. Hard to believe that even many of the period ocean liners of the time had relatively small cabins with no bath facilities other than a bowl sink/hot, cold running water. You 'bird bathed' or made a reservation with the bath stewad for your time to bathe. Back then 1st Class meant just that. And don't even expect air-conditioning with ventilation being forced air by trunk fans or air ducts outside. Heat was...well...steam heat. The DQ's early air-conditioning system always a headache with later modifications for improvements. I recall one Kentucky Lake trip on the DQ about 1960 so hot people abandoned their cabins to sleep in deck chairs out on the deck. Ended up like a pajama party. At midnight the temps only dipped to 99. Those were the day and nobody thought a thing about it. Again, what do I know?

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