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Sorry this has taken so long but anyway better late than never.

Quoting from a post by Phillip Johnson last November 2nd in another thread:

"As for the boat itself, she's doing just fine. The boat has been made weather tight and all the leaks have been stopped, and deck cracks repaired to prevent any further deterioration.

The primary goal of any work done in the slip at Houma has always been to stop the water leaks and deterioration of the wood. Hence why the roof was sealed, decks repaired and drains replaced. Most of that work has already been completed. All of the heavy major renovations will be undertaken when the boat is moved into a shipyard proper and a larger work force brought in. This will happen once the exemption passes. The boat is in a good area, has constant patrolling security onboard and is well lit at night. All is well on the Delta Queen."

This pretty much sums up what has been completed. For those of you on Facebook there are many pictures of the work that was done and things look the same as they did in those pictures except that the Queen has gotten a little dirty just sitting in the slip. They did a complete wash last fall but dirt is in the air and sticks, what can I say.

The slip is in a secure location and there is 24/7 365 security on board to keep scrappers and vandals out.

What we need now is to get Congress off there duffs and act on the exemption bills. The House and Senate are both going on Easter break until after April 1st maybe some of you can make personal visits to your reps office and ask for support.
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