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*Baby boomers/Disposable incomes*
Morning, Steamboating colleagues:
I must agree totally with Judy, and others, in the above RE: FAL's appearance. Though being too old to fit the frame as a 'baby boomer,' I'm in the same boat as Judy being a retired teacher etc. But don't kid ourselves as there are many, many out there who do have the disposable incomes for upscale cruise ships, cruise boats, resorts, individualized itineraries for foreign travel. Cruise ship/boat statistics show that generally the highest priced accommodations on ships in general sell out first over the medium to lower--especially now with the market 'priming' the traveler for the new outside cabins with private verandas and decks. Our recent cruise ship featured four master suites [Just got a peek inside] large as many smaller track houses, two complete baths, huge outter decks, baby grand pianos, upper and lower levels with stairs, assigned stewards/butler etc. I'm sure Frank has seen this in his many travels with CUNARD LINE. The accent on many 'smaller' luxury cruise ships/boats usually means higher per person tariff. Pretty sobering for sure but, again, you get what you pay for and it 'only costs a little more to go first class.' Yeah, right. I still think we'll see in time a big 'shake out' in the river tourist business similar to the old 'steamboat wars' of yore.

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