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I imagine that twenty years ago some German was sitting on the bank of the Rhine River asking the same question you are asking, "where will all the people come from to fill all these boats?" Not only did they come, but they came in droves. So many, in fact, that they continue to build new boats every year.
I'm a firm believer that business begets business, the more boats in the market, the more the demand will be. The market they are targeting is older people who have disposable other words, retired baby boomers....the fastest growing segment of the population.
How many people ever really thought about taking a European river trip until they settled into their easy chair on Sunday night to watch Downton Abbey and saw those gorgeous Viking River Line ads? Those ads make me want to book a cruise.
The other night I saw an American Cruise Line ad and it made the Mississippi River and their boats look absolutely stunning.
I really believe as the movie said..."build it and they will come".
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