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Default Cutting the pie

Good question, Dale. What I don't understand is where this demand is for all these new proposed boats, when the few current ones aren't running at capacity, and in some cases not even near it. Now the corporate spokesmen might deny it, but at least here on the UMR the AQ was running half full many of her trips - they have to give the passenger count to the lockman, which is often done by marine radio. So I heard the 200s reported, no denying it. Then consider the 2 for 1 offers and so how many full fares were there on board those trips? I know nothing about their passenger loads on the other routes, but considering all these other companies are planning to run the UMR, where are the potential passengers? Do they plan to tap into their current pax on other boats like ACL does? Do they have a better plan to market their boats? Somebody has metrics or whatever indicating a market for so many to be jumping in, but can anybody tell us where these thousands of new passengers are coming from??? At the posted prices I sure won't be in their target group!
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