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Morning, Steamboating colleagues:
Interesting reading the postings above from Matthew and others RE: 'Another boat.' Rumors/stories filtered around here for a time RE: the new AMERICA FRENCH LINE with the cat now out of the bag. I'd opine new AFL possibly a subsidiary company with a 'paper corporation.' Interesting concept for sure but take a long look at those PP [Per person cruise rates] fine French quisine, 24 hours service not withstanding. Their web site mentions opening on April 1st. Now one more 'player' in the river cruise business here. Can't believe we may all witness possibly one of those celebrated, exciting old 'steamboat wars' of the past. Raises the queston of 'how far can the pie be cut?' Carmen, more information about who they are can be found in the company's corporate profile and here papers of incorporation and registration. We will see in time. Again, what do I know?

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