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*Urge caution with Exemption attempts*
Morning, Steamboating colleagues:
Interesting discussion Jim Reising has initiated above with fine comments/questions following. As Wesley states, and I agree, 'things' not the same now as when Betty Blake and the company launched the first exemption cause for the DQ. Betty was successful in making the issue of a private for profit corporate entity as the DQ in the center of a national campaign as if the boat were in the public domain. And even then the list grew of "those we love to hate" with congressman Garmatz leading the list. I would hope--and advise--that what I see as another "hate list" being drawn up now quickly be shredded as the preceived opposition of today could well be the ally of tomorrow. With the current political debates etc. leading to the election in November, I can assure you that most if not all representatives have their attention riveted to other matters. Betty's campaign was new, novel at the time with her knowing she was pushing the envelope to the max--and won then. The big clincher was when she carted those thousands of signatures on a long, heavy roll of paper in a wheelbarrow up the steps of the Capitol in Washington, D.C. Even crusty Garmatz had to give her credit with a smile. Betty one in a zillion with her mold broken.

This now the second time we've heard statements about ACL hiring lobbyists in opposition to the DQ initiative. If so I think we all would be interested in seeing nailed down names on this so provided and not just rumors. Remember, that hiring lobbyist representing ANY interest in congress is totally legal, part of the political process whether we like it or not. Again, if we 'can't lick em then join em in the process.' Sorry, but contacting representatives with news about who is being paid what by a competitor nothing new. All representatives know the process all too well with their own links into who is saying, doing what and when. Be very careful in openly placing ACL high honchos--or anybody else--in a dark light as it can well come back to haunt you with no excuse in applying 'free speech.' Yes, been there, done that in the past here as president of the Civic Association, work with City Hall on many issues back nearly 50 years. Not fun mounting an opposition no matter how noble only to open your mail box finding a letter on expensive paper stock bearing the heading of a major law firm or corporation beginning with, "Dear, so and so. It has come to our attention that you have..." giving you chills down your back. Worse yet a phone call. Confront a lobbysit group and you'll see what happens. More than a few in leading initiatives lending their names have found themselves suddenly swept in with financial, legal and political issues landing in their laps. And, as Wesley states, an exchange of votes important. Remember, no member of the U.S. House or Senate lost their seats due to just the past DELTA QUEEN initiatives.

We ALL are free to donate our own financial resources, volunteer time and attention as we so wish to whatever. Any 501(c)3 or Charitable Trust forbidden by law to donate any cash in hand, be involved in any political initiative directly for 'private for profit corporate initiatives.' To go one step beyond thrusting ourselves in a private corporate issue another matter as the DQ is not in the same category as a museum vessel like the Str. W.P. SNYDER. Yet, we do what we think right and proper--just be careful in what we say about a 'perceived' but unseen so and so enemy. I would suggest we continue for answers but let Mr. Martin and his vested group in the DQ initiative do what they can, provide us with information or requests for help in due time. Again, I DO know what I know in matters like this having had my head kicked in with scars and bruises. Any who think I'm wrong, out of line free to try on my battered hat to see how it fits and feels.

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