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Thank you for all your tireless and often thankless efforts Dale. Not to be negative at all, but it would be nice if once in a while someone from the new DQSC would send out (post) an update, or a "keep up the cards & letters" note here. They seem to believe that the Facebook page is all that's needed, but some folks can't or won't go to Facebook, so (as you noted) social media isn't the end all.
The one way the individual personal contacts with representatives works, is if LOTS of people send in, the attention is noted and reported. But to get such a response, the DQ needs articles in newspapers, radio (talk shows even) and TV news--sometimes they need a little "filler" piece, and what better Human Interest story than some tales of the DQ?
But, as Dale knows, "What do I know??"
David D.
PS I even put a "help save the DQ" in my Christmas letter! Ya never know who your relatives know!
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