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*Good points above from you all*
Steamboating colleagues:
David, Wesley, Mike and Jim, you all make excellent points following David Dewey's initial posting. Here we are now in another year of limbo and uncertainty whether issues on a two-year schedule or not. The DQ remains languishing, tied up with those dedicated doing all they can with hands on down there. And again I see the spectacle of this starting all over again from the bottom up and top down. And again any questions or observations stated do NOT mean any vote no or negativity. Full discussions either oral or written taken in the spirit given. I'm only one like Jim Reising, Kenny Howe, Keith Norrington, Don Sanders on and on who have actually worked on the boat or been around the events in the home office as I was going back now 50 plus years. I never worked on the boat due to pressing academic, military obligations in university and later involvements. There are also past passengers here who write, share their knowledge and experiences enriching the picture. Even Letha Greene said to me, "Dale, I know you. I would have loved to have had you in the office with me as I think we could have done some fine things, but you must have roots in the land." Again, Betty Blake barked more than once, "Times are I don't know who are the friends of the DELTA QUEEN or our enemies." OUCH!

And again over more years than I can count, I've helped then Betty Blake, Letha Greene with letters, media editorials, radio guest, attending civic and political initiatives, dinner meetings here on behalf of the boat. How much more can this foggy eyed old guy do? When congressional reps--or their staff--phone or write me, I return all in good faith telling then what I 'know' along with 'what I 'don't know.' 'Opinions, feelings, sentiments, experiences' they appreciate but then ask, "What do you really know?" Nobody cares what I really think or feel. Last year one letter and phone call from me met with politeness; then, "Now haven't we heard from you before on this?" I took my rose colored glasses off years ago--but never gave up hope.

Go to the political sources but don't even think of contacting private for profit corporations or individuals for help financially with the boat. Now, in the looming election year with dangerous, pressing political economic, military and policy matters, these men and women will be totally engaged with politics being a 'contact sport.' Politics really licensed war with words and laws. Big PAC monies already funneled here and there as we've seen. Mr. Cornel Martin and company have the information without others not in the thick of it saying so and so, not knowing, thinking, wishing, dreaming. I suggest they construct a 'press packet' with all to be distributed with frequent changes al la Betty Blake and company. This has only confused some of the facts without such in the past. Social media is fine for discussions but remember that "once it's posted it's out there forever and never goes away." Certain congressional types have indeed gone down being voted out for this and that--but none lost office due to the DQ issue alone as she just one particle or issue coming before them. No political initiative can be staged along with creating a "new list of those to hate." Then the issue when the current DQ company made the announcement about the company office move to south of St. Louis. Do people realize what this said to even local reps being led on about possible location of the boat if and when in their locales? I certainly had my head beat in on this issue going way back. Again, nobody sat behind me here in Cincinnati City Council when I sweated it out in my best suit, shirt and tie on my own time, dime and parking lot costs at the microphone speaking for the boat. Previous to that with commitee work on the first 'Tall Stacks.' All they were interested in was "We would like to have the DELTA QUEEN here for another 'Tall Stacks." And that was it...move on to the next docket agenda. Hearing that I packed up my traps and headed out. I DO support the DELTA QUEEN initiative but am a realist. One more time I will take pen in hand, lift up the phone and hit the keys on my E=Mails--one more time. Again, I know what I don't know and admit it. All in good faith. Cheers to you all!

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