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My two cents worth...and like all my opinions, that's probably all it's seems to me that rather than appealing to congressmen and senators directly, we need to appeal to the "powers behind the thrown", the movers and shakers, the people who got the legislators elected. For example, if we could get one of the Koch brothers behind this issue, it would be a done deal. One call from one of the Kochs to Harry Reid and Mitch McConnel, why the bill couldn't get out of committee fast enough.
This is why I posted several months ago, rather than go to Washington, they would do more good going around talking to civic groups and Propeller clubs, because those organizations have member who got the congressmen and senators elected in the first place.
Rather than write or call your elected official (after all you are just one vote), go out and give a talk to your local Rotary Club, you might catch the ear of someone who really has influence.
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